Daily Life

Like in your own home, Heversham House has a relaxed and informal environment where you are free to do as you please, and ask for any help when needed. We like to keep each individual's routine just as they enjoy it at home.

Breakfast is served in guests' rooms, but morning coffee and other meals are normally served in the spacious lounge/dining room, which overlooks the secluded garden. We are determined in our quest to provide tasty home-cooked food which is freshly cooked and prepared each and every day. Guests eat together for lunch and dinner, so that we can discuss the day's events.

Family support is encouraged, and so visitors are welcome around the clock!

We have a range of daily activities available, which the guests discuss and choose at lunch time, and so no activity is set in stone. These can include activities such as walking, jewellery making, bingo, knitting, games, and we even have a Wii machine for residents to let their competitive side show through! We also have the paper delivered each day, and make sure that we all get together once a week to discuss current affairs and what's going on in the world.

As the church is so close, residents are more than able to visit whenever they choose. We also get involved in community life and charity events; Cynthia often goes out to Zambia with the guests hand-made wares through activities for charity, and the house also has a stall at the community fair for fundraising.

The 14 staff are encouraged to bring a hobby to the home and teach the residents if they wish to participate, this brings new skills and enjoyment to everyone. We also have a family cat called Lottie and a small dog called Angel who both roam the hallways being petted by the guests!

Daily Life